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I stand amazed how clear and punchy the Kiseki Purpleheart NS cartridge sounds now it is run in a bit and it is so holographic/3D sounding.

Paul Burgess - New Zealand april 12, 2016

"I've got a Kiseki Milltek Aurora since 1984. It's a incredible cartridge with any stressed sound... The voices are very naturel. I didn't meet this sound with the other cartridges I bought after."

Stéphane Mola - France april 12, 2016

I am the proud owner of a BlackHeart since 1990 and it is the best sounding of all.

Kim Larting december 5, 2014

Hello to all fans of analog high-fidelity. I want to thank Mr. van den Dungen fot letting me have the last Kiseki Blue N.O.S. Serial N° 100. Hours after finishing the run in, around 40 hours, I can say and not only me, but many friend who heard the sound... the Blue N.O.S. cartridge is exceptional. Especially considering it in relation to the price ... Many Thanks Herman.

Allesandro Manciocchi december 5, 2014

I can't believe you are going to make Kiseki carts again!!!

Matt McNulty december 4, 2014

How can I get one? Had one years ago and miss it.

Edward Flawerty - United States april 25, 2014

I have been a proud BlackHeart owner since around 1993 and I was so pleased to see the brand re-launching. My own BlackHeart has given many years of excellent service.

Chris Fruen - United Kingdom april 25, 2014

It's unbelievable that such a beautiful musical masterpiece is back! I own a Kiseki Blue, but one about 20 years old.

Leo Ancion - Holland april 25, 2014

I am very pleased to see Kiseki back on the scene! I have an Agaat Ruby.

Brett Ahlstrom april 25, 2014

I bought your Milltek Aurora model at the end of the Eighties. I have had many cartridges since then, but somehow memory of this little high output cartridge sticks into my mind.

Zelimir Frigan - Croatia april 25, 2014

Thank you for remaking these cartridges and starting up again. I have an original PurpleHeart Sapphire which sounds amazing on my Townshend Rock Reference and SME V! Please start a rebuilding service for these as I don't think I can bear to be without it!! Keep up the good work!! Matt

Matt McNulty april 25, 2014

Similarly to Brett Ahlstrom, I too have a working Kiseki Blue MC cartridge which is used in a Pink Triangle PT TOO / Helius Orion I tonearm. Sounds great!

Paul Kabrna april 25, 2014