Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. SB

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Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. ( SB ) MC Phono Cartridge

We proudly present to you our new Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. ( SB ) MC Phono Cartridge. SB stands for Short Body.

Like the PurpleHeart N.S. ( Long Body ), our short body Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. has been machined out of solid Purpleheart wood, but has now the smaller size ( short body ), like the Kiseki Blue N.S.

The motor is based on the same parts we are using for the other current Kiseki N.S. models.

We have chosen for a Short Body to make it easier to install this cartridge in different tonearms.  

Our new Kiseki MC Phono Cartridge is available through official dealers of our Kiseki distributors. For an overview of our Kiseki distribution network you can click HERE.

MC Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. SB – SPECIFICATIONS

  • Body: PurpleHeart Wood, 25 mm long
  • Cantilever: Solid Boron Rod: 0.28 mm diameter
  • Stylus: 0.12 x 0.12 Nude line-contact diamond, mirror polished
  • Stylus tip radius: 4 x 70 μm
  • Stylus mount: On cantilever
  • Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA): 20 degrees
  • Coilbody: pure iron
  • Weight: 6 grams
  • Output voltage: 0,44mV at 5cm/s
  • Internal impedance: 40 ohm
  • Frequency response: 20 – 30.000Hz ± 1dB
  • Channel balance: 0.4dB
  • Channel Separation: 30dB at 1kHz
  • Tracking ability at 315Hz at a tracking force of 2.6 grams: 80 μm
  • Dynamic Compliance: 16 μm/mN
  • Recommended loading: 400 ohms
  • Recommend tracking force: 2.0 – 2.6 grams
  • Optimum tracking force: 2.4 grams
  • Recommended tone arm mass: Medium
  • Optimum working temperature: 20 °C
  • Break-in period: 50 – 100 hours