Review Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. by Michael Fremer of Stereophile magazine

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In the March, 2015 issue of Stereophile, Analog Guru Michael Fremer commences a four-page love affair with the new Kiseki Purpleheart N.S. phono cartridge.

“If you care about looks,” Fremer says, “the Purpleheart NS has the goods.” (Personally, I find both the Blue and Purpleheart to be among the most attractive transducers ever to hang off the end of a tonearm….) When it comes to sound, Fremer found “…the Purpleheart N.S. produced a rich, inviting harmonic structure right out of the box…. Broken in and tracking at 2.5gm, the Purpleheart tracked most everything I threw at it.” Best of all, he promises, “The cartridge didn’t have a sonically unpleasant  bone in its body but, when the recording did, the Kiseki gave me enough of it to communicate it effectively.”

The review concludes: “Overall, the Kiseki Purpleheart N.S. is a physical and sonic beauty…In today’s world of crazy-priced cartridges, it offers a sophisticated sound well beyond what you’d expect at its $3,299 price….”

The review can be found on this website under page download-reviews.