Magenta Audio has become exclusive distributor for KISEKI in Australia

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KISEKI cartridges now available in Australia

We are happy to annouce our KISEKI cartridges are now available in Australia through dealers of  Magenta Audio.  

Magenta Audio

Magenta Audio is owned and operated by Michael Kirkham. His business partner is Dr Peter Foster who just happens to be a Doctor in the area of laser physics. Mike doesn’t have anywhere near the brains… Largely because his head is jam packed with every song that was ever released in the 70’s.

Mike Kirkham

Born in 1967, he has been working in the Hifi industry in Australia and the UK since he was nineteen. Mike has worked as a musician and spent many hours in stinking tour buses (OK Vans) with various bands and other unsavoury types. He is an obsessive collector and listener of music, If the house ever caught on fire, he would grab his Nick Drake Vinyl boxed set, his wife and the two dogs (in that order)…

In the early 2000s he set up The Electric Room; a Pro Audio retail website, mainly so he could buy gear for his own studio, and also because his mother in law thought he should have a ‘real job’… After a truck load of hard work, the Electric Room was a very successful business and taught him a great deal. Many of his regular customers are now his closest friends.

In 2007 Mike returned his energies back to his true passion and obsession – “Hi Fidelity”, setting up Magenta Audio in the Adelaide Hills and in recent years has focused the business towards the Wholesale and Distribution of a few “hand picked” brands, namely PS Audio, Zu Audio, Audion and PrimaLuna.

Read more on the website of Magenta Audio

Magenta Audio Pty Ltd
Australian Hi Fi Distributor

Phone: (08) 8390 1673